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HooperLee Farms & Bakery

Let's Get Baked!

Some of you might have noticed that we spent the entire winter baking. And we are getting pretty good at it. But we also spent the winter looking into the new marijuana economy here in OR and figuring out how we could get a piece of the pie (sorry there will be a ton of baking jokes.) So we talked to a few friends and made some new ones with experts in the community and then we started testing. Our neighbor grows medicinal marijuana so we thought this is where we would start.

Our neighbor Bobby

This is Bobby our neighbor down the road. He has taught us a lot!

Then we expanded to recreational use. But we didn't want this to be your typical pot brownie. So we got into something we couldn't find anywhere - moist , flavorful artisanal croissants, rolls, baguettes and breads with a little something extra. So yesterday we took our first breads to the Grants Pass Grower's Market. (You can just see Charles in the background. I was so excited I didn't get a lot of pics) As you can see we didn't make that much - mainly because I had the flu so Charles drove the charge. But we sold out!!!!

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Anyway, we are super excited about this new business. Hopefully we can expand to a new location soon. We have our eye on a restaurant that has been vacant for awhile. And yes, we will still be working our 9-5s but expect a lot more bread pics! And if you are in OR please swing by we have some goodies for you! (Before you get excited they cannot be taken across state lines!!) To see exactly what we are making, there is an order form below.

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Yes that's me in yoga pants...shut up!

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