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What We Have planted So Far

Sowing ORegon Earth

Cross your fingers - we are starting all over at Valhalla

After having a pretty prolific garden in San Francisco we are starting all over here in Grants Pass. We have had the soil tested and it is sandy like in SF but the big difference will be the weather. I have already learned that I need to sow seed indoors next year not to extend the season, but because of the dumping down rain at the end of winter. The plants need to be strong enough to survive a 2 - 4 day deluge and of course the wind in our valley. Anyway, I planted some starters but mostly from seed, so we will see what comes up. We have 3 more boxes to build and fill this weekend.The squash gets planted this weekend too. And we will buy the fruit trees this weekend as well. The bear proof compost bin is in. Oh and one other little thing - here we actually have seasons so we will have to follow the Farmer's Almanac closely to make sure we are planting the right things at the right time. Last summer got up to 110 degrees. Our constantly cool garden of lettuces in SF would not survive that. But the collards and okra are going to love the summer weather! For now - this is what we have sown.

  1. American Basil
  2. Beets
  3. Blue Kale
  4. Blue Lake Beans
  5. Blueberries
  6. Broccoli
  7. Brussell Sprouts
  8. CA Poppies
  9. Cabbage
  10. Cauliflower
  11. Cipollini Onions
  12. Contender Beans
  13. Cumin
  14. Danver Carrots
  15. Dill
  16. Easter Egg Radishes
  17. French Radishes
  18. Green Baby Kale
  19. Italian Genovese Basil
  20. Kale Blend
  21. Lavender
  22. Leeks
  23. Lemony Mint
  24. Lettuce
  25. Mesclun Lettuce       
  26. Parisenne Carrot
  27. Parsley
  28. Rainbow Carrots
  29. Rainbow Chard
  30. Red Leaf Lettuce - Head
  31. Red Leaf Lettuce - Small
  32. Red Leaf Lettuce -Tall
  33. Red Onions
  34. Roma Beans
  35. Romaine
  36. Runner Beans
  37. Sage
  38. Spring Onions
  39. Sugar Snap Peas
  40. Thai Basil
  41. Tom Thumb Lettuce
  42. Turnips
  43. White Sweet Onions
  44. Yellow Onions