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HooperLee Farms Closed Until Further notice

By Erica

We love you all but you can't stay here, yet.

Don't worry. Nothing bad has happened to the farm. We just had so many requests to come visit that I thought I needed to write this post sooner rather than later. At the current rate we would have a house guest every week from May to November and while we would love to see all of we can't see all of you at the same time. We are so happy that everyone is excited about our journey and wants to come visit. Don't get us wrong! We miss everyone! But there are a few reasons why we just aren't ready for guests:

On a professional note

As you can see above, my office is still in boxes and has no floors.

While the house looks huge it is just a 4 bedroom house. Charles and I both work from home. This means there is only one guest room. To add to this, we don't get summer vacation so we have to work while we have visitors. So as you can see it would be overwhelming for us to have someone here every week for summer. We simply can't entertain every night. We'd also like to go on vacation too. 

Valhalla needs TLC

The funny thing is that you really can't stay here because it is not safe yet! There are no floors in the entire downstairs. The lower deck is actually dangerous. The outside of the house has a small river that runs through it and unless you are amazing at digging, you don't want to be here this summer. Finally, there is nothing for you to sleep on!

The lower deck literally has holes in it.

These broken steps lead you to stand on the septic tank

The living room floors

I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on these fing tack strips with my bare feet!  This is not a good place for kids.

What can you do?

While our contractor says things won't be finished before September, that shouldn't stop you from planning a summer in this valley. The Rogue River Valley is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. And Grants Pass is a summer tourist town full of outdoor activities. There are so many things to do - fishing, hiking, and white water rafting. There are music festivals in Jacksonville, wineries in Applegate Valley, and The Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. And there are a lot better places to stay than our house. Of course we can always give you the tour of the place (we should get some hard hats) but it is not guest livable just yet. So come for summer and we can try to meet you somewhere if we can.

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