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By Erica

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We are loving discovering Grants Pass one day at a time

I love San Francisco.  So many things to do and see. Every weekend you could go to the beach and the mountains in the same day.  Or surfing and snowboarding if you wanted. So you have to know that when I say, I am loving Grants Pass days, I am really understating it. It seems that there is something amazing happening at every angle. I haven't seen views like this in my life. And every time you turn the corner something new opens up to you. The other day Charles took me on a drive on New Hope Road where he had met a farmer who told him to bring me back to pet his goats.  I took these shots on my phone from the car.  This place is breathtaking

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Every shade of green and some of the cutest cows.


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Growing wine grapes

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house in the trees

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