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  • Farm By The Numbers

    Everything is slower on a farm

    Number of Projects Major completed

    Baby Steps

    15 and counting

    • 3 new decks
    • 4 rooms complete
    • HVAC upgrade
    • All new flooring
    • New appliances
    • Solar panels
    • Bought Truck & Tractor

    Number of Animals

    More next year!

    Still 3 little trolls

    Number Of Plants Planted

    Out of Control!

    100 plants, vegetables, flowers, hops and trees planted

    GRILL Fire Ups

    Meet the smokehouse

    15 times in a single year we smoked the heck out of everything. Next up - learning to make pastrami

    Gallons of Beer, meaD and Rumptof

    How dry I am....

    Honestly we lost count - I think 10 gallons of beer, a gallon of mead and 2 gallons of rumptof

  • Our Journey

    It took a single camping trip

    Life is too short

    For years we had been "planning" a camping trip but it never happened. And for no other reason than we were working too much. So we packed up everything and went to the place in this background photo, just outside of Lake Shasta.

    Watching the Seasons Change

    It was the end of the summer  and when we woke that first camping morning we had the entire valley to ourselves. We poured strong coffee, sat on this very bluff and contemplated life.  Sitting there in silence we literally watched the seasons change from Summer to Fall. Leaves let go of trees , all at once, right before our eyes. It was beautiful. Then it hit us. We both work from home. What if this was home?

    Finding Valhalla

    It took us just 3months - 1 million Zillow searches, two trips to Oregon and one badass realtor - to find our house. We knew it before we saw it in person (Google Earth is our new best friend). 7 days after visiting the house and meeting the owner, Zoltan, for 3 hours we put in a bid and it was accepted. We named her Valhalla because she is the Viking Chalet where we plan to celebrate life -

    while living it.

  • The Blog

    Everything Moves Much Slower on a Farm

  • A few Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!


    Pounding metal

    Fall Sunset

    No one believes me!

    Kids 1st Snow

    A sentence or two describing this item.

  • Our Current Kids

    As The Farm Grows So Will the Family

    Cleopatra BAstet

    The Egyptian Russian

    With 3 extra thumbs on each paw Cleo is the class clown. Less than a year old she has the beauty of the Egyptian Goddess she is named after and the weird fearlessness that comes with being a Russian blue - a mini Putin in high heels if you will. Her signature moves: Leapfrogging her brothers

    Stealing bacon

    Killing birds and flies

    Julius Caesar

    The Little Ruler

    Everybody loves Julius. Everybody. You do too. He commands it. Julius woos you with constant hugs and kisses until he has you wrapped around his paw and you're giving him your fav sushi. He is a charmer. More baby than cat. And he is also ruler of the cat potties. No one monitors the cleanliness of a litter box like he does. Signature moves: Asking you to purr into his ears.

    Hunting mice.

    Sitting on black clothes

    Caesar Augustus

    Brawn Meets Brain

    Like his predecessor, Caesar is the Emperor of the house and manages through a strict regimen of time keeping, cat rules, and when necessary body slamming. He isn't the best hunter but if you cry he will come running and whatever is bothering you will run away. His purring is tracked by NASA it is so loud. Signature moves:

    Knowing exactly when it's 5pm

    slashing your ankles as you walk by.

    Eating what the other two killed

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    Current HooperLee Farm Reading

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    Stranger in a Strange Land




    The Way of the Crucible


    Modern Farmer


    5 acres and a Dream


    The Nordic Cookbook


    Backyard Homestead Farm Animals


    Abengoni: First Calling


    Red Mars


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